Tourism Sales and Marketing Professionals Have Become Too Smart! Work Absences Threaten to Destroy Economy

“Though still unclear whether it was pure generosity or pure recklessness on his part, econometrics and marketing research genius Brian London is sure of one thing, making people too smart too fast is dangerous!  Just a couple of short years after taking the helm of an obscure and lackluster newsletter, London’s exponentially growing subscriber base has gained in tourism marketing expertise to the point that other industries can’t get even one dollar of consumers’ disposable income.  Could the current trend of “perma-cations” actually destroy the global economy?  Vacationers don’t seem to care…”

This is the narrative that drives me to make you as successful as possible.  To pluck you out of obscurity and place you in the spotlight of remarkable.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying these trends and insights for yourself, or for your entire organization.  I work with each subscriber to guarantee complete satisfaction 100%.

Now…are YOU ready to steal market share, increase revenue, and have better conversations during the day?  If yes, then keep reading.  Remember this famous quote from the internet:

Question: What happens if we invest in developing our staff and they leave?

Answer: What happens if we don’t, and they stay?

Scroll in awe as you see a small sampling of organizations that have benefited from the ideas being shared…then click through the links to join the ranks of remarkable professionals achieving extraordinary success!

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